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We have developed and launched more than 30 Web sites for our clients since 2004 so, undoubtedly, this gives us an understanding of the time and energy that goes into building you a successful site.

We take each project through four phases:

// Proposal
// Gathering up content
// Design and development
// Testing and final approval

[- Proposal -]

Firstly, we'll write up your project's proposal, making use of all information we've learned through consulting with you, as well as knowledge gained from previous experience of similar projects.

Our aim is to paint a better picture of what your company wants from the Web site — and how we'd make it all happen for you. Our fully itemised quote gives you the confidence that each goal can be achieved within budget. Timescales are given for all projects, no matter what size.

If we're chosen as part of a tendering process, we'll follow the tender guidelines instead.

[- Gathering up Content -]

Our clients know their businesses best. They're in pole position if they can write about themselves in such an effective way that people are pulled into their Web sites. If this is you, we'd be happy to publish your content. However, not everyone possesses the writing skills to sell a company and the products and services, so if this is your particular situation, we're able to write content for you.

[- Design and Development -]

You'll have noticed that we do things differently. For one, we'll listen to your ideas first, then let you know what our thoughts are. Since inspiration can't be turned on like a tap, we'll encourage you to contact us during office hours — and when we're away from our desks.

We'll then do our best to create a design that suits you, your target audience, and brand.

Meanwhile, our programmers and database engineers develop their intelligent and functional code, keeping in mind the possibility that you might require extra functionality in future.

[- Testing and Approval -]

We'll thoroughly test even the simple Web sites; it's far better that we discover and fix any bugs or anomalies than have your customers find one. Within reason, if you're not satisfied with something, we'll sort it before obtaining final approval. If we've missed anything that needs correction after the launch date, our error-fix guarantee ensures swift action to put it right.

For further information, talk to us on +44 (0)7966367706 or drop us an email.

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