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Online Network for Friends

SohaibAhmed.com easily manages our websites which uses over 50gb of bandwith a month at a cost which is unmatched by any other provider.

Client: Ms Kerry

Website created for restaurant/take-away located in Crawley
SohaibAhmed.com worked great for our company and I highly recommend them if you need professional website deisgned at amazing price. They worked quickly and also did quality job. I recommend SohaibAhmed.com to all of you. Great work!

Client: Mr. Shuel (Spice-World)
E-Commerce Website created for an online car business.
SohaibAhmed.com created a site for me to be proud of. I was impressed by the quality and efficiency of their work. They helped me design a logo and brand that has helped me get noticed in a very competitive business. Thank you SohaibAhmed.com

Client: Mr M Ulhaq
E-Commerce Website created for an online designer clothing business
I found the services of SohaibAhmed.com very consistant and reliable. The website was better than what I had expected it to be. SohaibAhmed.com gave me suport and advice from scratch to finish. I totally recommend SohaibAhmed.com to anyone wanting a wesbite designed and built

Client: Mr Riaz
Online Network for Asian Friends

Our ever growing network of users has easily managed by the high bandwith that Goohost provided

Client: Mr Vic

Website created for an online asian community.
Within only a short space of time SohaibAhmed.com had created me a site exactly how I wanted.  They were extremely professional and courteous and they motivated me to get the materials that I needed to get ready for the site, done on time.

Thanks to the SohaibAhmed.com team, I have a site to be proud of.  Not only that, whenever anyone visits my site, they always make an enquiry on who created the site for me as they would like to employ their service also.

Client: Mr Haamid Farooq