Since setting up in 2003 SohaibAhmed.com have built an enviable reputation in Crawley for our interactive new media and print design. 5 years of experience enable us to provide practical and visually stimulating Internet solutions to clients of any size; from simple online brochureware up to full e-commerce solutions. Whichever level, your site will exceed your expectations.

We also understand that however beautiful your site looks and behaves it will be no good if no one sees it. We, therefore, have a number of options to promote your site either through search engine optimisation or conventional marketing techniques.

We are successful designers, yes we use cutting edge technology, yes we do high quality work for household names and smaller companies alike, but the real difference is the attention that we give to you and your concerns.

We know that you don't just want a good job, you want a solution that ignites your emotions and creates passion for your message or product.

The Way We Work....

We believe in pure value and real growth. We believe that the net worth of the company increases in proportion to the value that it adds to its customers, partners and society. At SohaibAhmed.com we work hard to create better new media solutions. We achieve this through continuous up gradation of our skills and continuous refinement of our development process. We keenly watch our business processes so as to make them ever more efficient and more responsive to our customers needs.

Quality & Value...

We're a small company with big talent and, because we keep our overheads to a minimum, we can offer the same standard and quality of service as big agencies (if not better) without the big price tag. Get in touch if you would like a quote, you might be surprised.

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